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We are grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers and from all the technicians we certify with. These are some comments that we have received in the past few months.

  “EZX has enabled us to quickly and easily connect to brokers, get through FIX certifications, and maintain reliable connectivity to our brokers while sending out 20,000 orders per day. They are friendly, courteous, and treat us well even though we're not FIX experts... and their prices are very reasonable. That's why we went with a 2nd generation FIX player instead of one of the big names.”

Ben Lipson - IT Head
Mid-Sized Hedge Fund in Western US

  “The biggest reason we chose EZX over our previous FIX connectivity provider is that they enable us to execute orders at an amazingly fast speed. To minimize market impact, our complex strategies require rapid access across multiple trading destinations. Their technology is reliable, secure, scalable, and delivered by an expert team at a reasonable price.

EZX gives us the technology edge for providing our customers with superior

Nino Jimenez - Head Trader
Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation (New York)

  “I expressed to our VP of Client Connectivity how impressed I was with EZX and how I wish all our client's systems would work as smoothly as yours. He was happy to hear that testing went so well because he is always asked by clients about recommendations for FIX systems. I am pleased to say our firm will now be telling people about EZX.”

FIX Certification Specialist
at Major Electronic Broker/Crossing Network

We work hard to improve the quality of our products, thank you for your help.
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